Helping business focus on key strengths

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Our Mission
Utilize our expertise to enable our clients to focus on their key strengths. 

- Our results are based on strong business/project management -
Focus - Analyze - Develop - Execute - or:
Conceptualize/Initiate/Focus, Analyze, Develop/Plan, Execute/Control/Monitor

Basic Practice: Through team building, automate/enhance current practices to reduce staff, increase job satisfaction, grow business with less unnecessary overhead

What can we do for you?

So far we've:
- Problem solved with Accounts Receivable, Customers, Customer Service, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales and Vendors to provide best solutions - Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin

- Reduced staff 33% - 50% and reduced DSO (days sales over) 50% - 70% - Illinois, Wisconsin

- Increased established sales 15% while reducing staff and costs and relocating offices from California to Illinois

- Plant and office consolidation/moves - Illinois, Wisconsin

- Ensured projects and change orders are completed properly, on schedule and within budget - Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin

- Extensive alpha and beta testing for proprietary software programs - Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin

- Established new division, acquired supplier and distributorship association memberships, established and negotiated special pricing contracts with 100+ mainstream suppliers, worked with outside programmers on proprietary order entry software for distributors, created training manual and eduated/trained distributors to ensure best results. Start up sales $420K, 3rd yr $2.5M - Kansas

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